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design and management for canteen

the policy-makers of companies ,schools,institutes now tend to leave the rear services to the contractors for the benefit of focusing on their major business . thus ,family can be a good choice for offering the clients with whole service or part of the service of investment ,design ,process organization and on-site operation management in the kitchen and canteen . we have different plans according to the different budget plans of the clients .

supply and logistics of fresh and safe food materials

if you are in charge of the kitchen and canteen on your own ,family can be still helpful by taking care of the supply and logistics of fresh and safe food materials .our professional evaluation and management group for supply and logistics choose the supplier according to the paper certification,on-site inspection and sample testing of cnal(china national accreditation board for laboratories) family conducts strict tests to every batch of materials. due to a large quantity of the materials we purchase, we can offer a lower price than the market price to our clients with assurance for good quality of the material.

parties and big events

anniversaries,sports meetings , year-end or festival dinner parties are of great importance to company team constructions and business cultures. family has great catering experience and we have provided varieties of delicious food to clients from tens to thousands for buffets ,banquets and sports anniversary food .

training of catering management and food safety

family has developed a good relationship and training system with government institutions,certification bodies ,accreditation boards through long years efforts . we can offer your staff the whole pack of training about catering management ,food making , food safety ,quality management ,environment and health management (ehs),service etiquette and so forth ,to help the clients improve the level of their catering management .