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our uniqueness

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perspectives and goal

family owns local talents with international perspectives , we internationalise our management system ,emphasize the establishment of scientific management and standard principle .we are committed to sustainable development by offering more satisfactory services and change the level of this field .

training and custom services

continuous pursuing to the improvement of our staff and custom services is the core spirit of family while it is considered to be the most profitable investment to us . consisted mainly of family as well as other noted training institutes and technology schools ,family catering management technology school can satisfy the clients with different training plans according to different positions and plans of company development .

mission and responsibility

family pays great attention to the safety of our food while providing the management of kitchen and canteen . to ensure the quality ,we conduct strict tests in the process of choosing suppliers, examining samples , on-site inspections and materials accreditation .we offer definite healthy and safe food to protect the clients' healthy and keep away the occurrences of potential epidemic diseases.
to make sure our clients are free of troubles in enjoying our services , we set up and implement extremely rigorous rules for every procedures of operations and services .the periodical examinations by family's inspection department are stringently carried out to make sure that we will not bring our clients any inconveniences .

development and social responsibility

family greatly values the company's social responsibility including:training for suppliers , improve the credit for contract , reduce the usage of resources and energy and contribute to the protection of the environment ,and improve the welfare and insurance system to our staff.